How to be better at SALES

From the time we’re born till the time of our last breath, we have to constantly sell ourselves.  

Hell, some people even try to sell themselves at the time of their last breath – by trying to convince their dear ones about how noble their thoughts were and how they’ve always done the right thing plus all kinds of emotional drama to leave a good impression behind.

I once tried explaining this to a naive girl but she instantly remarked “ewww..that’s disgusting”. I did clarify that I wasn’t talking about prostitution but she was more interested to talk about food.

Sales is one of the most under-rated skills but trust me, it’s one of the most useful skills to have that literally has the power to change your life upside down & I’m not even exaggerating!

No matter how good you are, how much ever talent you possess, you are worth nothing without having the ability to sell yourself. Same goes with all products, startups & companies too.

Mediocre people are in danger. It’s more crowded than ever and you’ll only survive if you’re a good salesman. If not, be happy with peanuts – shut your mouth & don’t complain.

I’ll tell you how sales is in the air without you even realizing it –

Better resume + interview –> better sale –> better job

Better personality –> better sale –> better date

Better design -> better usability -> more empathy -> better sale -> more customers

Better pitch  –> better sale –> more hike & faster growth

Better email pitch –> better sale –> more opportunities

Better team –> better story –> better sale –> more funding

Better reasoning –> intact relations –> better sale –> freedom of independent decisions

Better articulation power –> better sale –> ability to make people listen

I can keep going on & on…but you get the drift! Once upon a time my mom used to tell me “Oh it was just the annoying sales person from a random company” and so I used to think sales is derogatory but over the time I’ve come to realize just how important sales is.

Here are some ways how you can undoubtedly improve your sales skills :

> Join a public speaking class
> Talk to as many people as possible
> Join any toastmasters club
> Take up Sales/Biz dev roles & responsibilities
> Give interviews
> Give presentations
> Conduct sessions/workshops in schools/colleges
> Indulge in team events/activities
> Think of ideas & try to convince people of your idea
> Hit the gym (increases your confidence significantly)
> Give intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship a shot
> Do freelancing (you’ll compete with other freelancers)
> Teach something to someone or a group of people
> Think of creative/out-of-the-box ways to do something ordinary & then go do it (this will teach you growth hacking)
> Talk to experienced sales folks & learn from them – their strategies, methods, etc

Some things to keep in mind while doing sales in general:

> Be persistent & follow up constantly but don’t be a leech – give time to breathe
>Knowledge helps (social arbitrage)
> Understand needs clearly
> Try and establish a personal bond / emotional connect
> Over promise & over deliver OR under promise & over deliver
> Be patient, never lose hope
> Be confident yet polite
> Your personality matters (including what you wear)
> Be fast in closing the sale, avoid delays at all costs
> You’re allowed to fake shit about competition/competitors
> If in an interview, be honest – the interviewer is going to find out
the truth sooner or later anyway
> First impression matters
> References help (who you know matters & who is in the game with you matters as well)
> Brand value helps
> Track record helps
> Reviews help
> Customer support & post-sales service help too
> Your expressions, your eye contact, your handshake – every fucking detail matters
> What google says about you does make an impact

Lastly, sales is holy. Never demean or undermine it’s importance.
Also remember, you can’t sell an empty vessel unless that empty vessel too is of importance to the person you’re selling to (sales gods excluded).

The world belongs to those who can sell. Amen.

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