Why Renaissance 2017 was special

I can undoubtedly say that Renaissance 2017 was the best so far and why it will get even better in the years to come.

RenaissanceĀ is the name given to MNNIT Allahabad’s annual Entrepreneurship summit and the club is very dear to me.

I am fortunate to be a part of it since its origin. With gratitude, the benchmark for the event keeps on increasing year after year and I hope it continues in the same direction.

This year’s event was truly remarkable – I was not there in college during the same but still I could feel the euphoria and positive vibes surrounding the event.

One of the reasons for it’s overwhelming success is the spectacular team behind it, with not even a single person having ‘ego’, the will to take “credits” whenever possible and/or the senior/junior wala feeling.

Outstanding open leadership style followed by transparency between juniors and seniors – giving everyone a sense of control did indeed make everyone happy. And it sure did end up making the event happy!

There’s a lot to learn from this – Delegate to smart people. Trust your juniors and colleagues – give them responsibilities and then forget about it until they come up to you and say “mere se nahi ho raha”.

It will make them stronger and you will develop an excellent covalent bond! Juniors are not your slaves. Treat them well. You are not supposed to order & over-burden them with your own work – you are expected to work with them, help them and show them the way in whatever they find difficult.

If they don’t do the work properly and put in their 100% – trust me, it’s their loss & am damn sure they will regret later in life being stifled to mediocrity. Choose to work with passionate people. You will rise, they will rise. It’s a win-win!

Over the past couple of years, I have secretly wished to work with such a team, displaying tremendous zeal and hunger to achieve something of significance together – this is what truly makes me tick.

Kudos to the team šŸ™‚

SuggestionĀ for future events – Try to involve the college folks in greater numbers (w.r.t event participation)

PS –
The talks were uploaded on Youtube as soon as the event got over and one such talk was so enthralling that it compelled me to write this post!

[Check out the talk yourself!]

Most of all, I miss my college days. *Nostalgia*

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