Principles of Life

Values / Standards of Behavior / One’s judgement of what is important in life.

What happens when traffic on roads don’t consist of any direction? Imagine the streets to be like a huge football field with no lanes, no traffic lights, no footpaths, no signals or signs to understand where to go, which path to take and when to stop.

People would bump into each other and cause a lot of accidents right?

That’s what is happening right now. People are dying mentally, spiritually and slowly – physically too.

There is no reason why you should be depressed with your life. Don’t like something about it? Go change it.

I believe every human being should live with some set of core beliefs and values which they must adhere to, in order to keep themselves happy.

These core principles / values should guide your path and will eventually tell you when to stop, pause & reflect or continue. This will tell you what to pursue and what not to, what decisions to take, what tasks to undertake, etc.

Consider it as your standard code of behavior. Whenever you are lost, reflect back on these.

I’ll share my 7 core values / principles –

  1. Authenticity – I associate with people who are authentic and go away from those who are not. Authentic people radiate a different kind of energy. They are true to themselves and others. Their intentions are positive and they are genuine in whatever they do and ask for. Being authentic means to not ‘fake’ anything. It means to display your true self even if it’s a loss.
  2. Honesty – Being honest is about telling the truth, admitting your mistakes and taking responsibility whenever it’s your fault. It’s about returning that Rs.2000 note when someone beside you accidentally drops it and walks away without noticing.
  3. Significance – This is more about the impact. What is the significance of you and the work that you are doing? What is being impacted and at what level? How significant are you at your organisation / college / school / house? Metrics please?
  4. Generosity – For me, this means to give back without expecting anything in return. It means to give back Rs.1 if you earn Rs.10. Whatever I do, I strive to give back in some form or the other. It might be in form of time or resources. Also, it means having the ambition and intentions to keep giving while growing.
  5. Contribution – How are you contributing and to what things / ideas / projects? Where all are you contributing and with what kind of people? What is the value of your contribution in terms of – what overall difference did it make? What changed? At which touch-points did you add value / contribute ? Is your ‘contribution’ really seen as a ‘contribution’ ?
  6. Friends & FamilyThey matter to me. I should be able to protect my friends and family, spend quality time with them, learn from them, guide them in the right direction and help them in whatever way possible.
  7. People > Experiences > ThingsI value experiences a lot. But people more. This means – A.) I won’t leave people who matter to me for better experiences, B.) I’m almost always extremely happy when I’m surrounded with good people with infectious energy, doing interesting stuff and C.) Things matter least to me. This includes material things like money etc. But they still matter enough to be on the top 7 core values list (in no particular order).

What are your core beliefs / values / principles ?

Do comment and share with me! Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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