The girl I really want to marry

Marriage? Yuck

Who would want to stay stuck with one girl forever?

Akele aye hai aur akele he jana hai – then why this BS?  Oh, is it because your friends are getting married, some have even started playing cuchi cuchi and you’re still busy rubbing your ass in a corporate cubicle?

And you think getting married will somehow make your life easier and pour in all the happiness that is missing?

Hah! Do invite me on your wedding – I want to capture your happy, blushy face ; will show it to you 5 years later.

If you fantasize about marriage and/or are already in search for an angel who’d always love you, make you happy – take a good look in the mirror.

You see that person?

Now fantasize this :  This guy loves himself and this love is truly unconditional, till death do them apart. Yeah he is shitty on a lot of fronts, but he’s improving everyday.

He wakes up early in the morning, meditates, hits the gym and has a healthy breakfast. Then he puts on his plan into action. The plan to be better than what he was yesterday. He follows the road-map to achieve his goals, his dreams. Something that he has always wanted to do or achieve. He bets on his strengths and pursues his passion. He might still be working a boring 9-5 job but that doesn’t stop him from having an evil plan in his mind, to ultimately break free of the cycle. He doesn’t give a shit about what people think about him and whether or not people love him – because he already loves himself.

Most importantly, he doesn’t depend on someone else for his own happiness nor does he seek happiness from others. Sure he likes mingling with others but he isn’t attached to anyone per se. He has peace of mind and is extremely grateful for everything. He is truly in-charge of his own life. This, my friend, is the true path to happiness and NOT marriage!

Likewise, if you’re a girl – try loving yourself. Try making yourself happy. Try not to dream of a “loving partner”. Become the partner that you’ve dreamt of marrying. What’s stopping you?

The girl I really want to marry would be someone

  • loyal
  • cute (my weakness)
  • generous, good-at-heart / giving nature (NGOs/Non-profits/social impact)
  • someone who is mature enough to understand this post
  • someone who can give me my space to achieve my goals/dreams
  • someone who I can work with to achieve her goals/dreams/mission
    Bas kaafi hai. Too much to ask for? 🙂
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