Here’s why you should invest in me

Getting to trust people online can be a herculean task! Why take everything at face value when you can quickly browse through views of other people who have known me personally at some level!

Here’s what Mr.Utsav Somani (India Head-AngelList) had to say about me to his portfolio companies, when my Grofers offer was revoked two days before joining date –

“I can vouch for his pro-activeness and drive”

When I met Mr. Rohan Bhargava (Founder and CEO – Cashkaro) for the very first time –

“They are lucky to have you”

When Kunal Shah (he sold his last company, Freecharge for $400M) invested his time in advising me over an email –

“You have screwed yourself…” “Comfort zone is infertile”

When I met Mrs. Rashmi Tiwari (Founder & Director of Aahan Tribal Development Foundation) for the very first time –

“you looked like a charming and handsome young entrepreneur in making, a seeker kind, unlike other students”

When I met one of the VPs of EY-India for the first time –

“meeting you first time and the zeal in you to change is what I can never forget”

And later when the same person made me one of the board members of his national non-profit ‘Human for Human’. I’m the youngest on board!

Here’s what my office colleague said about me :

“Felt really good to have you as a mentor/guide/manager/buddy”

Here’s what my college juniors say about me –

” It was possible only under your sincere guidance and efforts. I feel privileged to be a part of MNNIT, wherein alumni like you passionately take initiatives with the vision for a better India. The revolutionary ideas that you embed in us, are truly indispensable. ”

“The way you were taking suggestions or asking doubts to every speaker from different fields…it was awesome..I just felt at that moment that learning has no end”

“You are god in this field” “To analyze anyone”

“you are doing great work…genuine respect for you”

And then there are people whom I’ve never met but they are willing to bet on me –

“save this chat. Some time in future you shall remember that somebody predicted that you’d come out a big WINNER”

“I know that you are a Winner. AND. I have never failed in my conjectures. ”

“am your extended arm in Vadodara, Gujarat ”

Then there was this beautiful girl from Egypt who came here for an internship…and I met her for the first time –

“For some reason, I can totally see you working in silicon suits you” “because you’re bright and ambitious”

“humble, positive, smart, multi-cultural.. I have seen you talk for quite some time”

When my college senior asked me what I’m up to –

“I thought you’d have started your own.. you have potential”

And here’s what some of my friends said –

“you have enthusiasm bro…you can do whatever you imagine. I believe in that”

And my partner of Ignited minds ( back in college –

“The fondest memory would be our working together for ignited minds at your room and then waking up early to ensure that website was launched on time and then you giving us a a small party later that night ”

And here’s the latest acquaintance I met from my alma mater –

“Felt great talking to you after such a long time, Rajat ”

Thanks for reading my social proof 🙂

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