How to make the most of your college life

By any chance, DO NOT waste these 3-4 years!

They will matter.

It is important to have a well rounded personality. The college will help you develop that. Be open to everything and take part in a lot of activities that you find interesting. Utilize the college resources to max. Be a part of multiple communities and socialize more. Discover yourself and your true potential. Chase different kinds of experiences. Whatever you decide to do, do it ‘well’ with all your heart i.e. be authentic, for you will learn profusely and earn a lot of respect. Don’t get into stuff just for the sake of building your ‘resume’ – That’s being a douche. Take part in activities that push you beyond your comfort zone. Only then, you will realize what you can do, what you are good at and how far you can go. Don’t limit yourself. Be limitless.

The only limit should be on your pointer. By all means, don’t let your pointer drop below that limit. The best you can do is ‘try’ and put in the efforts required to make it happen. Decide this ‘limit’ for yourself as it depends on what you want in life. Have fun, but know when to be serious. Your parents have a lot of expectations from you – don’t play with their money! Get a job in the field which you actually want to pursue in future. If you are treading the path of an academician, be a smart nerd. A smart nerd would emphasize on understanding concepts and would have specific interest areas. They also have better perception than nerdy nerds. A nerdy nerd has remarkable memorizing capability but probably won’t be able to answer the basic conceptual questions after the semester gets over. They usually have a hard time in the corporate world.

As a student, you have the power to be a part of the change you wish to see…If you look around, there are tons of problems and gaps that exists. But, merely ranting about them on confession pages won’t help. Your aim should be to challenge the status quo – for better and for always. Pick a problem that moves you and work on it till it’s 100% done. (Some areas where you can work on – cleanliness within the campus, communication skills, student council body, etc)

Lastly, two dearest points* :
1.) Build authentic relationships (with everyone around you)
2.) Give back (wherever possible & in whatever way you can)

*No. 2 will make your existence more meaningful while,
No. 1 will give you enough power to do whatever you want!
(Will explain how to develop authentic relationships in a full post)

I graduated from NIT-Allahabad (ECE) in May'16. 

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