How to choose a job (for ambitious people)

Disclaimer : 
If you are not ambitious and don’t have any goals in life – you just want to get married, have kids & settle down then this post is not for you.

You are just out of college.

You have no idea what’s going on & where you’re headed.

Maybe you’ve gotten a job or maybe you haven’t – doesn’t matter anyway.

What matters is that you have a goal to pursue. Knowing as much as you can about that end goal helps.

“The problem with us is that we think we have time” – someone great

By all means, life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. No one gets out alive anyway – so we should learn to enjoy ourselves and pursue the things which bring us real happiness, peace & meaning.

But then you have a goal to achieve. Your ambition. Your dreams. Dreams that you could die for.

You work towards building your dream life, worth examining & inspiring others.

You want to make a difference. An impact.

Leaving a legacy behind for others to follow is not for everybody but you still want people to associate you with something & you seek to be the best version of you – the best you can be.

So what do you do?

You write down your goal and alongside, the list of things, skills and capabilities that you need to develop in order to achieve that big, wow goal.

Sometimes our goals can be complex & it’s okay to make mistakes while choosing and taking certain decisions in life. At times we’re unable to choose wisely due to lack of real world experiences and exposure. To err is human but we must learn from our mistakes and keep moving. In this competitive era, to stand still is to die.

How to choose your job?

Ideally, your job should be aligned with your goal. If not, do not fret – keep hustling and jump at the right opportunity.

Here is a brilliant advise from Kunal Shah, Founder – Freecharge (sold to Snapdeal)

I had asked him “Which roles to consider and/or what type of jobs should we indulge in for learning the most”

His answer : “No right answer. Just push yourself hard. And if current job doesn’t satisfy your needs, jump. Also remember comfort zone is infertile.”

Here are some pointers to consider while getting into a full time job (from my own experiences and advise taken from multiple seasoned professionals)

  • Look for exposure
  • Talk to the people driving the org – ask them their motivations, mission & vision for the company
  • The team is extremely important. The better the team, the more you get to learn and grow. Your tuning with the team also matters.
  • A good leader will have your career aspirations in mind too
  • Observe the relationship between key stakeholders at the org – it should be bulletproof
  • See if the manager is willing to give you enough space to experiment, learn & grow into the organisation
  • Go through the company policy and see if the value and culture is aligned with what you believe in
  • Prefer challenging roles/tasks which push you beyond your comfort zone
  • If you’re not sure if you could do/handle it, say yes and then learn how to do it later
  • A good org would behave like a family, demonstrate team spirit and help each other out in whatever way possible
  • Good companies care for their employees and treat them well
  • Good leaders don’t micro-manage, they trust that you’re doing your best
  • Try cutting down on travel time, it will wear you down
  • And always remember, what doesn’t kill us make us stronger. Choose a job that you can tolerate for most of the days, enjoy some of the days and make sure you are able to retain your self-esteem in all of the days.
    Good luck!
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