Be selfish

Be selfish, my girl!

Ok, I’m going to stop calling myself an “altruist” since I now have a different perspective.

Being selfless is thinking about the other person first. But you’re not Mother Teresa. You are YOU.

We’re too idolized by the likes of Mother Teresa. We’re told to stop being selfish and to start being selfless. It’s considered such a noble way of living – to think about others. I disagree. I plead you to be SELFISH. To think about YOU first – ALWAYS!

The world doesn’t deserve selfless people. The harsh truth is that other people won’t think about you – even if you think about them. Unless it’s your parents of-course.

The only people you should be selfless/altruistic to are the underprivileged and needy people. They deserve your altruism. Not your buddy, not your partner, not your relatives.

Trust me, nobody gives a f*ck about you. But you have to stand up for yourself – don’t expect anyone else to 🙂