Biggest Mistake

Biggest mistake in my entire lifespan of 24 years so far!

“Smart people learn from other people’s mistakes!”

Everyone makes mistakes.

But can you think of that ONE mistake which changed the way you live? Or something which changed your entire perspective towards life?

Ok, let me share mine –

I love people. And I’ve always loved helping people.

But slowly this habit of helping people led me to break my shield. I started giving more importance to other people than myself. I started loving them more than me.

And that was my BIGGEST mistake so far in my entire lifespan of 24 years.

Most of the times, people step in our lives with certain needs to fulfill. When people “lack” something in their life, they try to plaster that need via other people – and that my friend, is the beginning of all toxic relationships. Good relationships are those which are self-fulfilling but access other people for growth, not to plaster a certain “need”.

But they say that your greatest learning comes from your biggest mistakes. So these mistakes must be a blessing in disguise?

Yes, absolutely.

She blocked me on 2nd Jan’18 and we stopped communicating thereafter. On 3rd Jan’18, I woke up at 4 AM. Started going to the gym from that day onwards. Started waking up early everyday, meditating & eating healthy alongside maintaining a full-time job. Today is 4th Feb’18 and my habits are still strong. I’m so proud of myself now – I feel more confident, happier, peaceful and powerful than ever before. Inshallah, this would continue lifelong.

I’ve been trying to become self-disciplined from the past couple of years. Tried so hard to integrate these powerful habits in my life but failed over and over again – could never achieve consistency. Because truth be told, everything was good and I was in my comfort zone!

Now, I have a fireball inside me. I’m hungry to grow and will always put MYSELF first. Will you too?

Are you in your comfort zone? What’s your biggest mistake so far?

TAKEAWAY : You won’t be able to help others unless you help yourself FIRST.  You won’t be able to love others unless you love yourself FIRST.

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