ABC of Self-Defense

In January 2017, I had launched a pepper spray challenge on Facebook (gift any two friends a bottle of pepper spray and pass it on) which was received pretty well but the campaign was a total failure – nobody passed on the challenge and the ones who did receive a pepper spray from their friends did not even begin to carry it yet nor research more about the same.

Pepper-spray bottle ; Cobra magnum

So I decided to write a very short ebook on self-defense which is complimentary with the pepper spray! (Without this handy ebook, the pepper spray or any other self-defense weapons are of no use!)

[Download E-book]

It’s only 47 short pages. Do read it and let me know what you think! 🙂

PS – The reason I started this challenge is really interesting & creative too – you should ask me why 😉

PPS – Happy International Women’s Day!

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